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If you require a quote, please either send an email to the address below with details of your request or telephone directly for an immediate answer.

If you're fairly sure of which level of service you require, please send your photo(s) to the address below along with a cheque for the services required(if applicable*), taking care to package them between stiff card or cardboard, each image seperated by a sheet of paper. Then write in large letters on the front of the envelope "Photographs - PLEASE DO NOT BEND".

You can if you wish, send your photos online for a fast accurate quote. Please ensure that they are scanned at a resolution of at least 300 DPI and attach them to an email sent to the address below, along with details of the services you require.

E-mail :
Telephone Nos: (+44) 01273 273590
  (+44) 07778 666665

Due to the sensitivity and personal value of your pictures, we strongly recommend that you send them via special delivery. They can then be tracked throughout the mailing process.

Please make cheques payable to "Weird Creations Limited" and send to the above address.

* A Deposit of 50% is required for orders over £50 (US$75).

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